"I realized my students weren’t going to benefit from all this new technology.
In order for children to develop higher language, they must be able to see themselves as others do.
Some of my students didn’t even recognize themselves in a mirror."


Video Modeling for Autism

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Progress Report


~ Watch for changes to the section "Consumer Information; Commercial Products - Described"

I am working out a format to present the video modeling products in a manner that will make it easier for parents and teachers to compare and choose.



What is the purpose of this site?

~ Education

To promote appreciation for the value of video modeling as an approach to enhancing the social, personal and educational development of children on the Spectrum.
~ Empowerment

To provide caretakers with knowledge and direction essential to being an educated consumer of this technology



To provide opportunity for social/sharing communities to encourage mentoring and peer-to-peer discussions among and between caretaker groups


Bullet Points

~ Video modeling is a clinically safe and effective tool for working with autism education

~ cheap and easy too !!
~ It's been recommended for over 40 years

Yet few parents or therapist utilize it.

So, how is it possible for you to use it succesfully?

Surprise!  You already do use it.  You're just not exercising conscious control

Exercising conscious control?

Every web site, computer game and TV program 

,,, models lots of social behaviors

Are these the behaviours we want our children to learn

Perhaps they are.

But why leave such an important decision to Chance?

    ~ Commercial VM products can be wonderful, effective tools
    You may find that a particular app or website is helping your child achieve a goal. In that case, why bother to reinvent the wheel?  When you find a treasure, use to your advantage.

    This site will help you identify programs and sites that would complement your efforts
    Selecting behaviors and activities.  Formulating an overall plan.

  • You will need guidelines to define, plan and implement your own productive program.
  • ~ If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth at least a million
  • You will need a video library to learn what and how others have used video modeling
  • ~ School Principals face a multitude of complex issues educational, administrative and procedural. Conducting a school program requires consideration of staff training, scheduling, allocation of tech equipment and reporting.
  • Administrators will need to understand what running a VM program entails
  • ~ ISSUES:
  • Who should initiate the VM program.... parents, therapists or the school? How can a simple VM project be expanded?
  • What about Cost, purposes, validity, perceived value, Standards, training, support, reporting, coordination?
  • Many questions can only be answered through collaborative discussion.
  • People will need a social platform to facilitate the exchange of information with other stakeholder

The OBJECTIVES of this site are to:

  • Increase Public awareness of Video Modeling as a technique suitable for working with Austim
  • Establish a intelligent portal to simplify research tasks
  • Provide a shared workspace for development of Best Practice guidelines
  • Enable social networking among Stakeholders
  • Link visitors to reliable resources for information, training and advice
  • Facilitate the crafting of Best Practice criteria to guide and facilitate the integration of VM with Spectrum education

Stakeholders visiting this site will be able to:

  • Understand the value of video modeling
  • Become better-informed consumers of technology for autism.
  • Create and integrate a program at home, in school or in a therapeutic setting
  • Identify appropriate Internet content for Spectrum children
  • Learn when it is appropriate or preferable to make their own clips
  • Identify commercial products that meet their goal needs
  • Learn how to make a home clip
  • Understanding how to conduct a balanced-mix program


Read about the collaboration that created this site, visit http://tech-in-sped.ning.com
An Introduction to Video Modeling
Autism collaboration: Interview
Autism Round Table: Video Self Modeling   Dr. Stephen Shore,Ann Milan, Host Kathleen Tehrani

Video Modeling in the news:

 Orlando June 18th Sensory Star Events: 




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My presentation, “Mr. Watson; Come Here. I need You”
Special thanks to Mary Beth Palo and Tom Buggey
for their virtual appearances, via YouTube.